Replica Omega, special watch for 007 movie

After I started to buy the watch, I learned that there are many famous watches in the 007 movie. replica watches 007 has worn a variety of watches such as Rolex and Omega. Starting from Pierce Brosnan's "Golden Eyes", Omega became the standard watch for the 007. From the "Golden Eyes" in 1995, 007 is wearing Omega. Omega also introduced a number of limited editions for 007.

As for the watches worn by 007, many people have combed them from beginning to end, I will not repeat them. Today, Omega launched the limited edition version of the 007 "Queen of the Queen" 50-year-old hippocampus. What is the most Omega that 007 has ever worn? The order starts from less to more, starting below.

First of all, please note that the hippocampus 300 refers to the Omega Hippocampus 300 Replica, which is a hippocampus 300 "to coaxial" watch that incorporates the 1957 antique watch design. And the current hippocampus 300 meters diving table, hippocampus replica 1957, not a table, please pay attention to the distinction.

The Hippocampus 300 Replica has largely referenced the hippocampus CK2913 in the 1957 history of Omega, incorporating a large number of retro designs into this watch.repliki zegarków There are many similarities between the hippocampus 300 and the historical appearance of the CK2913. The current hippocampus 300 use a ceramic bezel with a liquid metal digital scale. The watch uses Omega's iconic broad-sword pointer (the big arrow of the hour hand), and the watch's face uses a retro triangle with a 3, 6, 9, 12 digits, which is very retro. The hippocampus 300 uses the Omega 8400 calibre. The 8400 calibre is one of Omega's first movements with the standard 15000 Gaussian anti-magnetic capability of the Observatory. It has super anti-magnetic capability earlier than the 8900.

Omega Seamaster 300 retro style I like very much, but also need to pay attention to is that in the "Ghost Party" 007 is wearing a limited edition of the hippocampus 300 ghost party. The difference from the regular version is that the limited edition second hand is a lollipop second hand (appears on the Omega antique watch) and the bezel uses 0 to 11 digits. In addition to the details of the appearance, it is consistent with the conventional hippocampus 300.