The new replica Chopard, the "eagle" in the watch

Not long ago, Chopard launched a new luxury sports watch series, replica rolex ALPINE EAGLE series, Chinese meaning "Alps Eagle". During the 11th holiday period, I saw this new watch in the Schiphol store in Beijing SKP and Wangfu Central, and I was placed in the most important position. I also tried it carefully, so I will focus on it today. Chopard's "Alpine Eagle."

Chopard is a famous watch jewellery brand, positioned at the same level as the Earl. Chopard has a high level in the field of watches, jewellery and glasses. Although compared to Rolex, Omega and other popular domestic watches, Chopard's watches are relatively small in the country, but veteran players will know the superior quality and good value for money of Chopard watches. In particular, Chopard's most classic 1.96 Pearl dynasty movement, together with the Patek Philippe 240 movement, is hailed as the most beautiful pearl movement.

In these years, Chopard has always used the racing series as the main sports watch. The MILLE MIGLIA racing series has a relatively large domestic circulation and is familiar to old players. However, everyone knows what is the most popular watch in the list in these years? The most popular is the “luxury sports watch” with the nautilus, the royal oak, and the four seas. As one of the oldest watch and jewellery brands in history, Chopard has a deep history. Therefore, Chopard draws on the design from the historical model and introduces the new luxury sports watch, which is ALPINE EAGLE, the Alpine Eagle.

First of all, I would like to talk about the origins of the Chopard "Alpine Eagle" watch. The watch is well-received and the teacher is famous. Every new style often has a heritage of historical design to continue the classic elements of the brand. Chopard's new Alpine eagle is also a prototype of a historical model. In the 1980s, Chopard launched a St. Moritz watch. Putting the St. Moritz watch together with the new Alpine eagle, it is clear that the new Alpine eagle has taken on the history of St. Moritz's head and bracelet design and has been greatly optimized according to the current aesthetic.

The new Chopard Alps eagle uses the classic case and bracelet design of the “luxury sports watch”. The upper and lower ends of the case are directly inclined and connected to the bracelet. We know that all famous luxury sports watches have their own highly recognizable shell shape. For example, the royal oak is an octagonal bezel; the nautilus is round and square and has two "ears"; The circle forms a Maltese cross shape. Chopard's new Alpine eagle fake rolex uses a round bezel with 8 screws on the bezel, symmetrical about the top, bottom, left and right, and the direction of the screw mouth is also symmetrical, the details are in place. At the same time, the Alps eagle has two "ears" on its case. The left and right sides of the watch case have a prominent shape of the crown guard. Symmetrical 8 screws and two "ears" are the hallmarks of this watch.