Replica Longines cost-effective "super high" gold watch

Today, I want to say that everyone is very familiar, but the actual purchase of not many people, replica breitling Longines master gold watch. This watch is from a player in the same city. What we didn't think of is that an "ordinary" Longines would have such a big attraction after replacing the gold shell.

The famous craftsman series is one of Longines' most popular watches in China. Among them, the famous master series has a large number of needles. The majority of players and consumers buy a lot of people, but in general, for the sake of price, most people buy steel shell versions. When it comes to the public price range of the famous gold watch, most people will go to see other brands, so there are fewer people who buy Longines gold watches. Playing the watch for many years, in the process, I bought two Longines gold watches, which are the Longines Classic Reissue Series Small Three-Piece Gold Watch and this famous gold watch. From these two Longines gold watches, I feel the beauty and super cost performance of the Longines gold watch.

Longines masters need not say more, you are very familiar, I will focus on the gold shell. The Longines Master Gold Watch is available in 40mm and 38.5mm. The difference in appearance is that the calendar of the 40 mm gold watch is at 3 o'clock and the calendar of the 38.5 mm gold watch is at 6 o'clock. As a gold watch, 40 mm and 38.5 mm are suitable, 38.5 mm. Because the calendar is at 6 o'clock, the disc is more balanced. The Longines master gold watch has 18K gold and 18K rose gold. The gold shell of the watch is completely polished. The Au750, the gold balance 750 and the golden dog head logo are engraved on the back of the case. The golden dog head (St. Bernard) represents the Swiss precious metal mark, and the gold balance is the international uniform precious metal mark. These marks prove that this watch is an 18K gold solid gold watch, not a gold plated one.

Due to positioning and price reasons, many watches like Longines and Tudor are using gold. Longines is made of 200 micron 18K gold on the steel case bezel. That is to say, a layer of gold skin is outsourced in the steel shell. Although the color is already golden, it is actually a steel watch. Only the watch with the above-mentioned gold replica rolex watches balance and golden dog head mark on the case is the real solid gold watch. This point should be distinguished.

When I put on the gold shell, the luxury and extravagance of the Longines masters came out. Whether it is a gold watch, a gold ring or a gold bracelet, once you wear some gold, people look very rich. Listening to my brother who is engaged in the gold market, the Chinese people still like gold. The domestic gold consumption is very hot. The old gold shop in China is full of people every morning.